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I'm now ready for bed.

I discovered a few interesting facts last night, like:
  • How easily I can go "rant-on!" when talking about LRP

  • How sweaty men are very difficult to grab, even when you're trying to do them a favour

  • What the middle of an NMA gig is like

  • What the front of an NMA gig is like

  • That Weston Super Mare is not on the way between Bristol and Birmingham

So, first NMA gig of the new season then. Was a lot of fun, thanks to dreamfire and when she explains to me what "ticket tax" is I'll gladly pay it. After my experiences at Linkin Park the other week I was quite keen on the idea of having a bit of a bounce around, and was looking to be a bit energetic, however I did break the cardinal rule of "Don't get in front of sweaty men with no shirts on". As a result I bounced too and fro, being minorly shown up by the antics of quondam (with pulled hip flexor) and dreamfire (seasoned pro). On the down side I forgot to bring a spare t-shirt so was cradling a sopping t-shirt the whole way home; and on the plus side I got drenched by Justin's water. I'll never wash again (except I did this morning). Lovely to see robcee and hepstar (the other user I need to mention is steve_c but that's for quondam not me). Many many thanks to boglin for driving (though the GnR was unnecessary) - and if anyone has any snow leopard tips please leave them on her journal.

A short diversion later on the way home *cough*, back in Birmingham about 1am. I had to nurse my PC a little which is still getting glitchy (bah - might need a new motherboard at this rate), then to bed, then bouncing up at 5:10am. Sleep? For the weak! Then to Oxford (another very pleasant dawn between Banbury and Oxford) on the train, jumped into a pool-Skoda (no expense spared here!) and off to Chipping Norton. Now, in the office, and considering sloping off to bed for a couple of hours after my 1pm to 2pm meeting.

Very happy with positive comments to photos, and am inspired to inflict more on you all soon.
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