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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Completed the "City Council vs County Council Fun Run" at lunchtime. This was actually pretty good fun, if cold and foggy. Our team of 8 had dwindled to 5 on the day (slackers!), though everyone put ina good effort. There might even be some photos soon of me in my sexy running gear.

Did the first lap in 8 minutes on the dot, but not sure about the second yet. Official times yet to be recorded but I suspect it was reasonably consistent. It looked like I might be second in our team after hanging on the shoulder of one of my colleagues for most of the race but demolished him with a sprint just after the last bend. Tragically I did go too early and lost position over a few of those others I overtook during the last 50m. Still, a bit of team building...

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