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Ha ha! Another week of my life gloriously defeated. It was a struggle, but I have made it through enounters with giant iron snakes, irritating bipeds and even a work christmas lunch - to emerge victorious on the verge of that greatest celebration of consumerism.

The week at work was ok, the only real event of note being Thursday for the "team Christmas lunch". I nailed my colours firmly to the mast by refusing to wear a "stupid paper hat (TM)", and even a conversation about politics, the responsibility of society and rehabilitation of offenders didn't give me enough rope to hang myself with.

Back to the station for a quick run (literally) to catch a train back up north, to meet boglin for NMA goodness. This almost turned to disaster when I lost a shoe running across the bridge at Oxford station - but I recovered with only a slightly damp sock as an injury.

NMA was fun - I was in a go-get-involved mood, so soon made my way forward where boglin and dreamfire were being expressive in a way-suitable-for-the-song-being-played which I can only dream of emulating. The only disappointments were losing my hairband and being told to put dreamfire down when I was just about to run off with her had only just got her on my shoulders. Bah, pah and meh.

Then, on Friday I managed to miss my meeting in Yorkshire by stupidly stopping to buy a ticket, and instead spent most of the afternoon with the camera on top of Clifford's Tower waiting for the sun go down. Mediocre results may be appearing here soon. Friday night was Pi aka Why mathematicians shouldn't be allowed power tools, and Matrix Reloaded aka When good dreadfalls go bad. The latter makes more sense each time I see it. After another 15 viewings I might understand what emotions Keanu is expressing.

Saturday was of course Return of the King day. Needless to say I mostly liked it, with a few reservations but rather than remove all possibilities of appearing interesting in person I shall save them for in-person rants.

Today saw a train which was on time, and a lovely chinese meal which also had lots of garlic - my chosen cologne for the weekend. Now, where is that Pennington...

In an effort to secure domestic and personal equilibrium I folded some t-shirts. It is working.

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