Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


So, as some of you might have read, visibility, and the cloud, are down. Apparently the locals aren't skiing and the pistes are populated by zee Eengleesh skiing blind.

I'm a little distracted about the house falling apart thing. Of course these things always happen when there is bugger all I can do about them except phone grendelchild and flap like a mad old woman (there is one here so I can compare myself to her).

At least when I return there are the Odyssey rules to read, and the NWO docs pax_draconis has posted. I can't get Acrobat installed on this PC, but I have put on an english browser so LJ is at least talking to me in my own tongue.

Also, at this rate I'll be typing y and z the wrong way round when I return.

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