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Oh woe is me... - Corrosive Shame — LiveJournal
Therapy for Life
Oh woe is me...
I was going to join in the general abject misery that is my friends livejournals, but after reading them I can't be bothered.

So instead I'm going to share my amusement of the morning so far (apart from Spork who is a most amusing little rat who came and said hello earlier) which is on the subject of netnames.

I've never been big into netnames. I don't have the creative urge to be forever known as FluffySweetumsEnergizerBunny or similar online. Mind you I find names in LRP equally difficult - thought the Onomastikon (thanks to Kate Monk!) is great. "Kneeshooter" I've been told is a bit poor - thanks everyone! - and other than that I tend to use "Simon". In my defence, as I've explained before Kneeshooter was supposed to be descriptive rather than especially interesting but thats by the by and sounds too much like an excuse. Maybe I'll edit that sentence out later.

Back to the point, I was responding to a "where can I buy goth clothes" post this morning, and I looked to netgoth and the gallery. There I found, without doubt, the best net name I've come across in a while - AbductedMackerel from Cheshire. Cheshire?! Maybe she's a displaced native of Grimsby or something.

Well, it made me smile :-)

Today's big problem still remains - where am I going to live in Oxford for 3 nights a week should I decide to move? Hmmm. Definitely shouldn't worry about it this week anyway - it's holiday time.

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