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Today I have mostly been on hold...

This morning was an exercise in call centres - partly inspired by adverts on TV ("Do I need to fill in a Tax Return"?), car tax, the incompetence of my fellow man and The Register.

First stop - British Gas. Took me three calls of the same number to get through. Then I had to pay off my balance before starting Direct Debit. Cheers guys - make it easy for me as I throw clothes around trying to find my wallet.

Second stop - Inland Revenue. Actually very helpful - told me I didn't need to worry this year, but they've put me down to have a Tax Return next year. I still think they're wrong - but I tried. Interestingly they told me that if they did have to send me a return now I'd have 3 months to return it, but any outstanding amount would have to be paid by 31st Jan. Erm, ok...

Third stop - Car Insurance. Here we go again... Call One "You're right, but we don't do that here." Call Two "You're right, but we don't do that here." Call Three "You're right, but we don't do that here." Call Four " Yes sir, no problem.".

Fourth stop - Travel Insurance. Actually I spent my entire last holiday hoping I wouldn't crash and die because the only record of the insurance I'd paid for was on my laptop. "I've had no documents" say I (on the 5th number I'd been told to phone) "Oh, your address is 1..." "No", say I, "It's 51...". It all becomes clear. More documents in the post apparently.

Fifth stop - Web Hosting Company. I didn't intend to phone them as in the past I've just never gotten through. This time I managed it only to be told "Please put it in writing and fax it". Oh well, passed on for action to grendelchild.

By this point I was absolutely exhausted.

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