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via fuzzygoth

Captain - I think that's me.

First Officer - grendelchild - for those first contact situations with vampire fanboys

Science Officer - jimfer - he allegedly has talents in this area.

Chief Engineer - lupercal - though it would be special kind of relaxed ship as a result

Ship's Counsellor - nyarbaggytep of course

Chief Medical Officer - ephraim - reknowned for his healthy lifestyle and moderate diet

Security Chief - berrega - Down and dirty mixed-up chop-sockey combat styles

Operations Officer - westernind - Minister for Operations!

Tactical Officer - ant_girl - Sheer bloodymindedness will win through I'm sure

Transporter Chief - quondam - so she can get off the meme as quickly as possible

Morale Officer - dreamfire - Orienteering in the holodeck

Ambassador - pax_draconis - to ensure peace, calm and stability across the galaxy

Head Pilot/Conn Officer - nattydreadi - After the recent boy-racer posts there's no other choice.

First Ensign - wulfboy - Just because it'd be amusing to have him on board

Ten-Forward bartender - boglin - license to dispense gin

Chef - harryh - apparently he can
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