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Phew - things have been moving.

A generally pleasant week - highlights of which present below:
  • Being blanked by my old boss at a soiree last Tuesday. I hold my head up high, he turns and dips so as to avoid my gaze. I win!

  • Doing the application form for the Lancaster job. Each one needs less edits so if nothing else my english is improving over time. Not sure I could cope with the domestics, but heh!

  • Getting an update on the "inside" job - adverts within the next two weeks apparently.

  • A very good meeting with a school during the week - not because of what was said in detail - but I really enjoyed disarming a hostile environment and turning it positive. Then I ran away from the internal disagreements which I'm likely to have started.

  • Refusing to let a dribble of snow get in the way of getting on with the day. To all those who didn't make it into work in my area - lightweights!

  • Entering the LarpList 2004 Photo Awards. We'll see how we go with that. I'm never optimistic but I did discover a nice photo of the Pennington I'd forgotten (here).

  • Getting very, very, very bored with the tedium surrounding the Hutton Report. Ok - I can see that it's all very important and stuff, but I refuse to worry too much that I can't actually do anything about. I shall continue to believe there is a better way, and campaign in my own little way to improve society but...

God that sounds dull. I'd better go and find a life. Or at least tidy up a bit so my pit of boredom and despair is habitable.

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