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I have just been to the dentist. I mostly closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. The dentist had other ideas and was playing Dido in the background. I contemplated suicide to avoid the depressing reality of the situation. Part of my nose is now numb.

Weekend was fun. I drank much vegan wine and was reminded of something the day after that I had forgotten, and indeed should have forgotten from the night before. I will try to forget it again :-)

Also yesterday, with the help of crack DIY experts grendelchild and ant_girl my loft was mostly boarded. This is good. Also is the idea that grendelchild will sort through all the gaming junk which came out of the loft and flog half of it rather than just dump it back up the ladder.

I've finished the job app for the job-I'm-not-sure-I-want. Plan to get that off today. I am however increasingly sure I don't want the one I have. I had a great "Oh by the way stop working on what you're doing at the moment - the goalposts have moved again" phone call on Friday. I'm even less motivated than ever. Bah.

But on the plus side - shirking from home, work email servers are all broken and Buffy is on TV.

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