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Calling those with more money than sense...

From my lovely little brother - leave all those expressions of interest here...

Re: Detonator.tv


This is the "heavy rock" channel that we're hoping to launch in the next couple of months. At this stage we are looking for further investors to top up the £20,000 fund we currently have. Not sure if any of your friends are independently wealthy and might be willing to invest some money. We're looking for another £40,000 from various sources. If you do think of anyone, mention it to them and let me know, then I'll get our investor relations man to discuss it with them.

Anyone spring to mind?


The man behind the music runs the record label Demolition Records. They have the Quireboys and others on their books.

I have just been on a very dull course. I tried to start a row with the instructor but resorted to doodling instead.
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