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All Engines - Full Reverse!

Tis the season to be job-hunting.

So, Lancaster job closes tomorrow - form has been submitted, potential domestic issues put nicely to one side.

"Other" job is progressing - I should hear the results of a meeting today which should mean an advert asap. A local job, for a local person.

Now this morning I have something else to think about. "The-place-where-I-used-to-work" is advertising. I knew this was on the cards from conversations with people who are still-inside-but-trying-to-get-out, but I was pretty sure the job would go internally. But it's there, on the website, another job I could really enjoy. There's a lot of things in the way - the BBBHB has gone, but still did I leave under a cloud? Do I want to go back? Will I even be properly considered? Should I reverse my career (in location/breadth not money/responsibility)? Do I just want it because it's a comfortable job in the West Midlands? It's reporting to a man who did give me a management chance (good) but the Chief Exec is still the same (bad).

I've got a week to do a form if I want to. I think I shall - if for no other reason than I've got an "Any other information" that's pretty recent. Then I guess I'll see. I just hope my luck allows me to get one of these to get away from where I am now.

Ho hum.

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