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Watch the Rumour Mill turn round and round

I've not resigned yet - but I've drafted the letter. And then redrafted it to take out phrases like "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire". Mind you most of the building seems to know... I think the rumour stems from HR which can't help but scare me.

I know what direction I'm heading, I'm just taking it sensibly. A nice chat with lupercal has reassured me that moving (my cheese) isn't likely to be half as bad as I'm thinking it is.

Takes me back to a conversation with sixtine a while ago when I said how worried I was about being in a series of ruts - work, home, LRP - you name it I'm not doing much different to what I was doing 5 or more years ago. Moving town, at least for part of the week will probably either revitalise me or kill me! At the very least my lifestyle needs a bit of a spring clean.

Does this count as a midlife-crisis yet??

In other news, rumour has it (from HR again) that my boss is likely to try to hold me to 3 months notice. I hope not. I really hope not. That could really annoy me.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon returning a faulty ...

"It doesn't work" says I
"We can't test it now" say they
"I phoned you, then drove it here (Stoke) when you said you could test it"
"Oh. Ok then if we must."
"You must."

Few minutes later

"It's broken."
"I told you that."
"We haven't got anyone who can take it out - can you leave it with us for a couple of hours at least and we'll send it back."
"Give me a screwdriver and I shall stand here at your counter and extract it myself."
"Ok then..."

Few minutes later

"Done it. Can you test the new board please?"
"We can't - you've screwed a doo-dah in wrong - we're not touching it."
"Excuse me?"
"These two things mean you might short your board."
"Oh, but I followed your instructions."
"Oh. We'll take them out then."

Few minutes later

"Here you go. It's only taken us two and a half hours to sort this out. Off to the M6 young man."

The worst thing to watch was how they treated a lady who brought back a board which had been damaged in transit. She left with the board threatening to sue them after the strangest statement from the shop.

"You didn't notify us about the delivery damage within 48 hours."
"Yes we did - here's the returns number."
"Yeah - but you shouldn't have got a returns number - rather a DOA number."
"But you gave me a returns number."
"Sorry. Here's your damaged board. Be off with you!"

I was embarrassed to be human yet again. And I'm ashamed that I didn't really stick my oar in to help her as she was shamelessly fobbed off. In fear for my own system I restricted myself to only giving her advice while the assistant was out of earshot. Mind you hubby runs a Law Practice so I suspect she'll be ok.

And finally, my Tai Chi instructor sneakily graded me last night without telling me what was going on. I retaliated at the end of the class by telling him I was moving so was unlikely to be at his class ever again ;-p

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