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Quite a few things have happened since my last update - and I suspect I've forgotten as many as I can remember.

Needless to say it's been an eventful week - punctuated by one of the those major upheavals that make all the skin peel off my hands in an amusing if unsightly manner.

There were of course some highlights, HDM last weekend was simply stunning. Ok, some of the dialogue and acting was a little "KEEN" and I probably watched the scenery go up and down more than the actors, but it was engaging, beautiful, clever and better than the books. More on that later.

Tuesday I managed to get a new job. This is exciting and likely to be the cause of serious domestic upheaval. Thankfully I've found an office to "hang my hat" to alleviate complete domestic meltdown. This has had the effect of postponing two conversations and giving me more chance to move boxes around.

I seem to be more financially stable again, having been paid for work I've not done yet (at end-of-year this is hardly news), though I failed to negotiate my starting salary quite spectacularly and have decided to start driving again the week after next. This will likely cost me a lot of money.

I will casually remark at this point that I like listening to the radio when in the car and spur pax_draconis into petty theft.

(Current) work has actually been better recently - in that I have been busier. The last couple of weeks I've spent time working with staff who work with impaired kids (speech/language/sight/hearing/autism). These are all jobs I could not do.

Still in love with new camera, and have been taking more photos. I need to find some space to put them for people to jeer at, and was pleasantly surprised what can be achieved in the way of prints from Jessops (for only 25p) after liberal application of Photoshop.

Most recently, and to the confusion of my mother, I have been to York. This was again good. I'm not quite like berrega and waiting patiently for my (happy) world to become an unhappy one, but there's a part of me that worries.

The week ahead will, paradoxically, not involve resigning. Instead I have to negotiate working a bit past Wednesday. This amuses me a little. Perhaps also Starsky and Hutch - though expect scathing reports if I forget to switch my brain off or if the crowd in the cinema are the usual band of fcukwits. For two reasons I found myself supporting Oxford in the Boat Race today. It almost turned into a bloodsport as Cambridge oars swept within inches of the Oxford cox's head, but ended up with awfully polite complaining at the end. The BBC lose marks for failing to cut the sound on the cox-mic during a particular "F*cking get the f*ck on with it".

Anyway. To the point.

After having chatted with lupercal (and by proxy pax_draconis and mrcook) I am going to attempt to book tickets for "sometime Feb/March next year" for HDM. Ideally both parts, on the same day, at the weekend. If you are interested please leave a note here or email me with how much you want to spend and any dates to avoid. On FRIDAY I will attempt to book them. Do not piss me about. Thank you.

Finally, anyone up for a night out in Brum next Friday or to see Einsturzende Neubauten in London next Sat?
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