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This weekend I have learnt not to trust the National Rail Enquiries webisite.

I don't mind London, and I don't mind gigs. I do mind Maps so everyone who gets one at Maelshot had better not moan.

Last night, while ant_girl was at a German goth club I was at a German band's gig in London. I've seen Einsturzende Neubauten twice now, and this did seem a slightly weaker gig than the one before at the Astoria. However, was good fun - and you have to respect people that can make a living from the formula I've listed below, and met an old friend at Kentish Town tube. On the downside I yet again emerged empathising with salmon (work it out) and have to admit to trying a McDonalds Quorn-thing which was ok.

Thanks to the West Coast main line being closed/crap I couldn't actually get back last night, which meant staying with my brother in his £1300 a month shoebox in Islington, and this morning, as instructed by the National Rail Enquiries website, at Paddington. However, the train I was supposed to catch didn't seem to be advertised and my enquiries were met by a "Nah mate - you want Marylebone for that route" - "Yes, I know - that's where I came in yesterday but the website said..." - "Oh, well, you want the (15 minutes time)" - "I thought it was (45 minutes time)" - "Nah mate..." etc.

So, off I did run, and just about make the 10:02 stopping-everywhere-especially-in-the-middle-of-nowhere back to Brum. Phew.

Oh, the Neubauten formula:
  1. Bin dive for random rubbish

  2. Attach microphone

  3. Develop pretentious concept

  4. Hit rubbish with stick enthusiastically

  5. Blixa screams down microphone
What can I say - I bought a DVD and a t-shirt...

Oh, anyone know who the support were?
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