Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Closer to being back on the road

I'm now almost roadworthy. After giving the nice men at the AA Service Centre £360 I have an MOT and a serviced vehicle.

I still have no car aerial - but I'm sure that'll be along any time now.

One of the (many reasons) the car failed it's MOT was the washer...
The conversation went somehting like this:

Nice lady at AA service centre "You failed your MOT because the washer doesn't work".
I say "Oh"
She says "£28.50 to investigate"
I say "It's probably just empty"
She says "Oh".
I say "Are you going to charge me £28.50 to fill it and try?"
I say "Cos if you are I'm going to get on the bus and come and do it for you..."
She says "Erm, no. We'll try that.".

I also had to have a load of new brake stuff. This is odd, because I'm sure I had exactly the same last year for last year's MOT. Clearly my car is terribly enthusiastic when braking.

Ho hum. Still, on the train to work still for now I think.
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