Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Hills actually.

I'm not a huge fan of walking for the sake of it, and to be honest the idea of getting pissed on by rain miles away from the nearest Internet Access has only slightly more appeal to me than rathergood.com.

However, the weekend gone was a veritable feast of ACTION! and I encourage all you goths to sign up now for the next trip out action_goth..

After a week spent staring at my PC, the last thing I wanted was to be torn away from my beloved, but after a trial separation thanks to dreamfire on Friday it was off to Castleton for ACTION! First stop, after following a slow moving truck for what seemed like seventybillionmiles was the fantastically named Hope station, to collect a high-visibility ant_girl, then to Castleton. I had this great idea of getting up Saturday morning, visiting Peveril Castle, then being ready for the walk when baldrick, boglin lupercal and half-of-doglets arrived. This worked well - to a point. At Peveril Castle it was nice to bump into steve_c, sit in the bailey, watch the world go by and then down for ice-cream. Timing could have been better though - as the others didn't arrive for another hour or so - leaving us sitting around with only ducks and each other for company.

Eventually we were all ready for ACTION! and it was up the hill for a quick few miles. Nothing to hard going, and lovely views, mildly ruined by the fact that some of the land was National *spit* Trust. Oh well. Then to camp - and I can honestly say "normal" campers are probably even more offensive than "LRP" campers, with their loud music and lack of consideration for others... Still, we wondered down a hill as it was getting dark "No, that's a 300m drop, not a footpath" and then up a road in the dark "One light at the back, one light at the front and wish someone had worn something reflective".

Photo of the Saturday group below:

Sunday was a longer walk, most pleasant again, before heading back to Birmingham, via a pub. Sunday ended in the usual fashion with a curry then a chance to improve my baby language by cooing at pax_draconis.

Today has been more photo-processing and Shaun of the Dead. I thought the latter was pretty good, well done, but not quite as funny or smart as perhaps it thought it was. Good effort, and keep it up. However, decide whether Megane's in your universe have Renault badges on the front or not - don't keep changing your mind!!!

Route maps (if you're really bored!):
Saturday - just under 5.5 miles
To Pub and back - just over 3.5 miles
Sunday - just over 7 miles

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