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Today doesn't seem to be going too well. After a super weekend (maybe jfs was right and it's Karma damage) things are less good than they could be.

  • Boss is not about so I can't resign properly (yes, I can hand in my notice to HR, but the drama and confrontation won't be half as good). Also of course am unable to discuss notice.

  • Christmas Meal is at 3:30 so I'll have to miss pudding to get back to Brum to get to NMA with boglin et al.

  • Professional Pride is forcing me to take an interest in some work we're doing especially badly. That and the fact that if we don't deliver I've said to people they can pelt me with rotten tomatoes if the work isn't done in time.

However, while mooching about upstairs I found another AOL CD for the collection - though the note on the Intranet suggesting they be collected as part of the worldwide campaign has disappeared. Obviously it was morally unwholesome and has been removed for our own good.

And if I'm here in February it looks like I might be able to experience the delights of a conference in Torquay...
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