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Those were the days that were

So, tonight my life is slightly more empty with a departure of one more little ratty from the rodentden. This is made especially sad by the way that you can tell a sicky rat as it is very friendly and wanders around looking for you, and then sits on your lap. When they do that, there's often not a lot of time left.


In other news I've just returned from London after two action packed days of dull meetings. A number of things of note did occur:
  • I ate a bit of fish. This was not deliberate and I can only assume that in God's Conference Centre (where I was) fish is considered vegetarian.

  • I watched Equilibrium. This was at the same time better and worse than I expected. Some of the action was fun, but the acting pretty crap. Sean Pertwee is still kinda-cute and Hayden Christensen trying to have emotion appears to have less than Christian Bale trying not to. Gun-kata ++.

  • I went to a poshish restaurant where they said "As we don't have a vegetarian option on the menu you pre-selected please choose one from the normal menu"; and there was actually only one choice. Clearly they have the same opinion on fish...

  • I went to Liberty Bounds. This was in many ways a bad idea, but I did avoid venting my irritation on people, and only two people asked me if I was going to the Gathering, and one of those was after I'd complained about having being asked. Was nice to see nortysarah, nattydreadi and blue_room (assuming Mark is the only one left using it...). I was clearly not enthusiastic enough for the others there.

  • Today my new work phone arrived. It's very fat, and has a nice screen/camera combo. I missed my camera, but have done really well in not buying a £720 ebay auction in the last two days. I did catch myself looking wistfully in travel agent's windows and planning a shopping trip to New York though.

And so, to cheer myself up, I'm considering, in lieu of not-being-arsed to go to B-Movie, going to Absolution tomorrow night. Any takers from the "we-also-can't-be-arsed-to-support-lupercal" brummies?

Mmm, food now.

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