Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Right, well, busy couple of days, but not especially interesting unless the tidyness of the second bedroom interests you...

Yesterday was quondam's party. Read her friends list for more information. I stayed sober and was in a bit of a funny mood - probably the warm weather...

Today was Homebase, a gentle run up and down some hills, Troy and Curry.

Troy was quite amusing in its own way. It taught me a number of things I missed from the Iliad (spoliers - as if you care about the story):
  • Cousin is a euphemism for fuckbuddy

  • Before togas there were crop-tops and kilts

  • There were no nice people in ancient times, just a population of anti-heroes

  • Orlando Bloom does better than I've seen him before, but is a long way off being a credible actor

  • If you want your name to be remembered then either hop around a lot driving weapons into peoples' shoulders, or have a big club and have cleaning products named after you

  • Agamemnon didn't infact star in the Orestia, he was stabbed by A WOMAN during the fall of Troy

  • Ithica is somewhere near Sheffield

Final verdict - amusing, diverting, and entirely different to the Sword & Sandals epics of the last generation - where good was good (and hated gun control) and bad was bad (and normally Roman).
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