Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Today I have discovered what not to do on a warm day - get on a Virgin train for a couple of hours with no airconditioning or opening windows.

I was just going to post that, a poem extolling the merits of ice cream, and the silly "I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would LIKE to do with me SOMEDAY. Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you." thing.

Instead I'm just going to post the wotsit (see above!) and muse on where I was five years ago.

  • I was working at the University of Birmingham, earning about £22k, and one of the most influential people on my career had just been diagnosed with cancer. This was minorly amusing as we both worked in Cancer Studies. She encouraged me to make the best job move I've made yet.

  • I was living in Birmingham. I'd escaped once, but had come back. I owned a flat, and was in dispute with the leasehold company about the fact all the plaster was falling off my walls.

  • I hung around with quondam a lot, though a certain hobby of mine was causing huge tension. Certainly principles were mainly principles, but this was about to change.

  • I was rather in a social rut, though was just starting to explore a new facet of my personality and taste.

  • I'd just come back from US where I'd spent a lot of money to go and see The Phantom Menace The Grand Canyon was better.

  • I looked with envy at certain other people. Now I've met ephraim properly I would rather be made of flesh and blood than nicotine and caffeine.

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