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Ah NMA! Like a comfortable old jumper which you get out every so often, stroke gently then get back to the real world? That might have been the impression held by last night's generally mellow crowd.

This impression might be down to the trauma of having to clean a car windscreen on the M6 with kitchen roll after the windscreen failed as trucks scream past scant inches from me, (Lightweight I hear you cry!)

Or it could be the sheer neon of the venue in Bradford, or the opulence of the toilets.

Or the excitement of an early-hours rendezvous at a service station to hand over a "package" without attracting too mych police attention.

Or maybe it's lack of sleep and continued frustration with work.

Who knows? Anyway Two Towers day tomorrow - and if you want to know more about what really happened read ephraim who has more style than I do at the moment (if not generally ;-))

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