Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Half a job?

I just tried to mow the lawn. Honest. I was there wearing my cricket whites pushing the lawnmower (with integrated roller of course!) up and down the lawn, and then it started raining.

This of course would not normally be a problem, except for the shared nature of the front lawn. This meant that had I stopped it would have seemed that I'd done "our half" of the lawn, and left the "neighbour's half" (against the agreement). Hence a couple of minutes manic racing up and down the lawn trying to get it done before it got too wet or I ran over the lead and electrocuted myself.

Slightly more amusingly, especially for those with a retro-SciFi memory - I just watched the start of the Series Finale of the Enterprise - and was greeted with wonderful V imagery of evil reptilians TM eating poor defenceless rodents TM. Homage perhaps?
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