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So this is London...

Phew, a few moments to catch my breath, then on with the day.

After the huge fun that was Queensryche I jumped up early, packed my bags (3kg of camera; 0.5kg of overnight) then jumped on the train to Euston. I was with a supplier for the train journey down, who insisted that Marilyn Manson was goth - I kept my cool - shuffled my para-boots* under the chair and murmured about how I like electronic music mainly and quoted names of some German bands he wouldn't have heard of...

Then, a rather dull meeting which end in not-even-violent agreement, back to the hotel** before off to meet little brother for dinner. He insisted on paying, which I agreed on the basis that we talked constantly about his work, and ideas for his site***. I then jumped on a train to Clapham to go and see Powder at the Clapham Grand. Despite having seen a larger audience at an SBA gig it was actually quite fun. I'm not a huge fan of the genre, but it was listenable, a good show****, and of course I took a load of photos. Had a nice chat with their Sound Engineer in the pub beforehand which only got onto dicey political territory when we ended up talking about Middle East politics. Bless.

All the photos are on my (non-connected) laptop so you'll have to wait until later to appreciate them

As it turned out there were a number of other free tickets to the gig - if any of you London mob are interested in rock music, and would want a "heads-up" at short notice to go to gigs like that leave me a note and if I'll try to remember another time.*****

This morning I got up early, prompted partly by a dream about taking a train through West Germany, and got into work so I can get home at a reasonable time to process the photos vote.

Anyone know any editors of rock magazines who might want to buy/use photos? I'm feeling like a change of career ;-)

* The only footwear suitable for a suit IMO
** Hot, crap but cheap
*** If any of the deathoftv people have any ideas they want to see happen let me know - he's interested!
**** Even better as I didn't have to pay to get in
***** It's more fun than Liberty Bounds!

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