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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Good old British Bobbies - catching criminals is so easy they have time to do PR.

I was turning from one major road to another in the centre of Birmingham and I see a large number of bright yellow jackets ahead. What's that they're doing but handing out leaflets... So, being watched by photographers these police chappies are flagging down every passing driver (causing the expected delays) and warning them about car crime - to keep doors and windows locked, and watch out for people pinching stuff of your seats.

Ok - thanks - crime prevention and all that - but what about the added risk of people reading these leaflets while they are driving down the road and what about the traffic congestion? Still, at least the cameramen were there to capture my council tax being spent in a valuable way...

Still, there is always cable tv to show us proper law enforcement - go Bodie and Doyle go!!

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