Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

To the North, and back

Some say the true measure of good a weekend is how tired one is by the Sunday night. If that were the only measure then this won't have been an especially good one. Only that would be rubbish ;-)

After making a fuss at the end of last week taking my bike on holiday with me was mostly a success, though getting on and off trains was amusing; and I clearly managed to annoy the people that obviously think that a single person's ticket actually includes having two seats; and that "cycle storage space" (with a reservation) actually translates as "bag storage space". Hmmm.

Still, had some lovely cycling, mooching around in York (where I practised entering camera shops and then leaving without spending money), a top bbq (with KITTENS!) and a professional photo shoot. Actually that last bit is a lie, as it really involved shooting for free with limited direction in a spare room in east York, but it was kinda getting there. Certainly I'm led to believe that the awkward client is a key element of any pro-shoot. Anyway - here's a photo of him...

Today was a relatively early train back, as my gracious host (ant_girl for those who haven't guessed...) et al had to be off to the big smoke for the next stage in their conquest of the universe their next gig.

So, in an effort to avoid the football and the temptation to murder grendelchild for late night drunken txting, I enlisted dreamfire and we pottered off to the cinema to see Shrek 2. Short review - good fun! The best moment was the COPS parody, and I suspect that the more you are aware of popular culture then the more you'll enjoy it.

Maybe I am tired after all...

EDIT: Another version of the Ed photo - with "MAD STARING EYES" (TM)


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