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It's like SM in Sports Centre

Bloody goths! Why can't their gigs finish at a decent hour? Anyway - more on the trials and tribulations of yours truly going undercover at the Cruxshadows last later on when I've done the pictures. Woo! The anticipation!

Anyway, yesterday after getting bored of three months with an irritating foot I decided to call the Sports Medicine people at the University and go in to be prodded (stop giggling at the back - I am an elite athlete - kinda). Despite their protestations that they're still busy out of term time they got be in at 10am to have a chat.

The chap I saw was very pleasant, though a little impatient - he had the (metaphorical) rubber gloves on to start the treatment before even explaining to me what was wrong - howver in my most confident voice I asked him politely to stop and explain what was going on. Shock horror I've got an inflamed tendon on the base of my foot (Plantar Fascia apparently) which means I'm not supposed to run, cycle or play any PS2 Dance Mat games until it's better.

Treatment was interesting - first he checked if my foot was pregnant using an ultrasound thingy. This seemed to involve smearing my foot in KY jelly (it thought its luck was in) then rubbing it with a salt shaker that looked like it was based on ST:TOS principles. Not much the wiser he then strapped my foot between two metal plates and proceeded to electrocute me for half an hour.

Still, I got to read the Metro twice. Monday, when he wants to see me again, I'm going to take a book.

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