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Buses, and how they suck...

Time for my weekly update - I know I used to more regular but I guess it's these army biscuits I keep eating.

After last Friday morning's excitment it was off to Eddies, which despite the company of a dark-cloud roughly the same shape as pax_draconis, was a good night. Barrie seemed to have borrowed my CD collection and was doing his best to encorage the invasion of Poland with something like five Rammstein tracks in three hours. From what I remember anyway ~cough~.

I was plesantly drunk, which was nice, then entrusted the car to ant_girl and proceeded to waste the day as much as possible. I managed to disappoint quondam by refusing to go out a third night in a row (mainly because I felt head-coldy and tired than being a lightweight) and the car finally returned after twelve. I was getting slightly worried, but when the explanation became clear I was simultaneously worried about where my paperwork was and relieved.

Sunday included King Arthur (Epic by numbers, low on the wailing woman soundtrack for a change but with some nice kit), and the Levellers (gosh, you're looking old now - agit-pop-light).

I think there have been a couple of days since then - but nothing of note has happened in them.

And that's it. Plenty of things to do today, my head's still a bit of a mess and some gigs to arrange for next week... and maybe I should try Phil @ Alternative London again. Absolution tomorrow probably. It will be an interesting evening, but mainly for other reasons.

[EDIT: Forgot the whole incident that was the point to the title post. Didn't enjoy a bus journey yesterday - someone lit up, I asked them to stop, got verbal, informed driver who ignored it. No wonder buses are no-go areas upstairs. Complaint sent to bus company.]

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