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Night on the razz said Auntie Baggie...

I was just about up this morning. Of course not counting the Postman at some unearthly hour (it was clearly pitch black) and the later false alarm. But what started off as a rather dull evening got much better - partly due to Guy and his ability to talk complete drivel while pissed.

By the time we all went out, which was about 10:30 I was dosed up on caffeine and up for a bit of dancin' but I was to be thwarted by a rather strange mix of music - which can only really be described as "the tracks you'd listen to in the bedroom in 1995" rather than "the tracks that fill the dance floor". The bands were right, just the choice of tracks wrong.

Within a short while the general mood of our merry band was summed up by pax_draconis "The only reason I'm still here is that I paid £6 to get in.". However, enthusiasm got the way of common sense and a few of us decided that we'd make the best of it and dance to pretty much anything vaguely interesting. Of course I was then reminded that I can't dance for toffee but I was keeping warm and having a laugh. Soon I was on a roll - that famous goth outfit the Chemical Brothers and my personal highlight the expressive gestures that go with "Deliverance" by the Mission.

Soon after I'd made more vows to get fit so I can "dance like a loon" for longer (breathe Simon, breathe) the others had had enough so it was back to Chateau de le Chat for vino-plonko and "An Audience with Guy". Now, few things in the world are constant, but one of them is that if you get Guy drunk the conversation will go rapidly downhill. And it did. He can't be held totally responsible as after the dizzying decadent consumption of 2 or 3 units of alcohol I can't help but turn the handle a little...

And then the evening ends at about 3:30 when I can tell you it's bloody cold to be walking through Birmingham without being wrapped up properly - brrrrrrrrr. All in all I probably spent about £15 which is much less than the "average night out" according to the BBC of £44...

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