Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Well, after a mostly uneventful weekend the working week is back again. Tragically this week I have to do some, and I'm not looking forward to shuffling between Birmimgham, London and "middle-of-nowhere, North Shropshire" this week, before Maelstromega at the weekend. Still, I shall probably have three nights out (Intrusion, Queen Adreena & Mortiis/Susperia) and my first governors meeting - so no rest for the wicked.

Photos from the weekend below - Gary Numan and PJ Harvey. I've slightly tweaked the website, but as berrega said it's getting a bit "busy" so really needs a redesign. Luckily he's promised to help...
Enjoy the pics, and offers of money/work to the usual address.

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