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Messy Christmas...

So here it is - Christmas. To celebrate I've been enjoying a festive games of CounterStrike and Day of Defeat. Fragging, or more likely being fragged by my fellow man (or more likely l33t kiddies). This could be interpreted as being tragically sad - and gentle reader you're probably right.

I like to consider this relaxing, and it probably does relax parts of the brain - relying instead on instinct and reaction rather than higher-order thinking skills. This didn't quite happen like that for me as I was considering, based on these games and seeing ephraim on the infamous Anarchy Online, how gaming is bringing together communities and people in a real (though limited interaction) virtual environment - and how exciting it was that these actually worked. Now all I have to do is work out how I can use this as part of the otherwise-stuff talk I'm doing in the beginning of Jan for work... big screen Half-Life anyone for an audience of teachers?!

Most of the other stuff I've done has already been written by other people, but needless to say it's fun. (quondam, pax_draconis and boglin). Except of course my great rediscovery of the Lord of the Rings boardgame - now that the novel, friendly and innovative co-operative play has been slightly altered so that someone plays Sauron - and lo I did oppress the little people until their doom was upon them.

The only question now is to turn the other PC back on and game some more, put Photoshop on and play with that or step back on that old slippery slope which I almost _found_ again last night and think about writing some LRP...

Oh - and I clearly need to go on a diet - I've had three bits of clothing this Christmas - a cycling jacket (spot on); LotR novelty trunks (too big - what impression do my friends have of my body?) a t-shirt (not XL - I didn't realise that they made t-shirts that weren't XL). Made me grin :-) Pre-Whitby diet starts - erm - soon!

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