Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Online Publishing - A Short Comment

It always cheers me up when I see young people with a lot to learn - makes my background in education, and indeed my work in helping people taste at the elixir of self-development, worthwhile.

Today I have been failing to educate a PR drone in the exactly where the web will, and indeed will not, replace more traditional media.

The web seems really to be pulling in two directions. On one hand it is "vanity publishing gone mad", and provides an international soapbox for the mad, the illiterate and people with much worse social problems. One the other it is a medium that does has a massive, media-literate audience who devour information at a huge rate of knots and in many cases develop a sense of community irrespective of location or "size of niche".

The potential audience for online content is huge, but shares a number of unique traits such as the responsibility of the consumer for the quality of delivery of a product - rather than accessing a "complete product". This then links with file sharing, and debates about how downloadable music can be paid for.

Of course, the net result of this is my amusement that online media isn't taken seriously even if accompanied by the reach and profile of the BBC logo and my lack of a pass for Slipknot/Slayer next week. Still, onwards and upwards.

What do you think about online publications? Do you prefer TV, radio, print or online?
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