Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Keep smiling and don't make eye contact

Well, that's something I don't want to repeat in a while.

Last night was a ~surprise~ 60th birthday for my dad. Me, being quite dull and unadventurous would have settled for a nice meal out, or a quiet dinner party - but my brother decided this wasn't quite cringeworthy enough so we had a 60s theme party. Needless to say after watching a load of my parents friends get drunk and dance the night away there's little I can say other than "Nice to see old people enjoying themselves", keep smiling, and don't make eye contact with any of them.

I'm not quite sure when I turned into a dull snob about such things - probably about the time I decided I didn't want to drink wine by the bottle. That and the fancy-dress snobbery years of LARP has developed.

In other news, off to London later, and I'm still happyhappyjoyjoy about having some photos in Alternative London Magazine - it might not be one of the "big names", but small minds... Tonight's plans include the gig in Camden, then I've booked a 1am coach back. I'm not too worried about whether I change my plans or not as it only cost me £2 - though if I am going to spend 2:40 on a coach I hope I can sleep on it.

Avril Lavigne pass now confirmed for Monday which should be amusing, and in between doing all the photos I actually have some "proper-job" work to do. Not sure I like this anymore.

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