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So, it's over. Back from the wilds, back from the post-wilds Chinese (yum) and back to the comfortable familiarity of reading about other people's lives on the Internet.

It was a week that's full of ups and downs. And by that I don't mean the up-turning and down-turning of increasing amounts of booze. In fact I could use this forum to talk about my strange relationship with alcohol, but I'll save most of the detail of that - and anyway it's completely normal to look at the empties and wonder why you drunk them. My drinking tends to come in quick, intense bursts - as if the bit of my brain that is constantly saying "get drunk" occasionally gets its way - then it's time to batten down the hatches.

Anyway - to continue the ramble in the general direction it started...

I really enjoyed spending time with the different people there. I enjoyed the chance to spend time with people I don't see enough of (though hopefully that will change over time) especially those I've not know properly for all that long. I'm not going to go through on a name-by-name basis as, well, I just don't feel like it and this isn't one of those spill-your-guts-then-look-to-delete posts. The cottage was fun. Not being flooded out was fun. Hereford was interesting though cathedrals leave me mostly dead in a "nice stonework, but its a bit of a shell" kind of way. I got drunk, won some card games (even when forbinproject played the killer "My Ego" card on me while playing Apples with the green card being "Scary"). Played the fool. Got described as a crab.

Needless to say, I'd like to do it again. Can you get much higher praise than that?

There are some things I want to do this year, but probably top of the list is getting better, as I think I have been in the recent past, in being honest with myself, and being honest with others. I say getting better, because I'm not doing it quite yet. Plus I keep getting this regular reminder (a text here, an email there, a drunken phone call) about things that didn't work out - even when you are honest. And then there's the risk - some of the things I want to do as part of my wide definition of "exciting and interesting life" involve other people - and that is something you have to be careful of as irrespective of whether it works out or not, the art of asking can reduce the size of your christmas card list...

Baggie said to me once that when I have something that is important to me to say I talk around it for about an hour. Maybe I should think about doing something about that trait.

Oh? Did I promise not to spill my guts? Damn - I've started thinking again. I want to run some LRP too if that makes me look any less ridiculous... And to get to know some more of the local goths... And move...

Anyway I must stop now to keep my mind clear for Star Trek tomorrow morning. Plus I can always edit this retroactively.

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