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Right, sod this idea of only writing interesting journals. Clearly that just means I don't bother updating.

This week I have done some stuff, the highlight has been retrieving my camera from having a clean in time for Carnival of Souls tomorrow.

Work wise things have been pottering along, but the week's excitement was the arrival today of a proper version of Adobe Creative Suite and a nice Wacom Graphics Tablet. Of course, I could hardly justify this, but it wasn't even my idea to order them - hurrah for the Orbital Mind Control Lasers.

It made me think of course that basically, other than putting a little bit of text on pictures, I hardly use Photoshop. I use it to import images and convert them from the camera's RAW format - but I don't do the editing, conversion to B&W etc. that I did when I didn't come in from an evening with ~200 photos.

I've just changed my LJ name, based partly on what I see in the mirror, and partly on the episode of ST:TNG that's on Sky at the moment. Following a quick google on the quote I discovered that there is a linguist (a bloke obviously) who is refusing to speak anything other than Klingon to his child until it reaches the age of three. Now, really, wtf...

On the gig front, since Slipknot/Slayer I've missed Wonderstuff, Bowling for Soup and of course Intrusion. This next week should hopefully have "Assorted goths/deathrockers", HIM and Scissor Sisters. The BBC seem to have shut down their "free tickets to gigs" scam - but I have proposed to them I pay no attention to this at all and just carry on as long as I can be bothered. This seems to be ok - as they like the latest set - http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/music/2004/10/slayer_slipknot/ (avid viewers will have seen these pics before at better quality).

All you members of the Levellers fan club will be pleased to know that the next issue of "On The Fiddle" magazine should have some of my pics in. They're interested in reviews too - but I wonder if they'll want to use the one dreamfire did.

I have also lost half my brain. My typo count leads me to believe it's only downhill from here.

Stripey cat feeding soon, and perhaps if I'm lucky I can watch Sapphire and Steel with a huge stripey cat on my testicles.

Oh, final comment, anyone know any friendly photographers with studios? I'd like to get some experience of the environment.
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