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Sleeping on Trains

Oh my god its morning...

Except it's not really very early. More like the morning of someone who decided to have a lay-in.

Good old Virgin Trains - can be relied on to be late and slow. Thanks to them I got an extra 15 minutes sleep on the journey back from Stafford last night on a not-Virgin Train which was should have been behind the Virgin train - if that makes sense. Stafford quite surprised me actually - wasn't anything like the obvious sh*t hole that is Stoke, even though in my head I tend to associate the two. It had some old buildings, some roadworks and an indoor mall that could have been anywhere in the country.

Makes me think about what makes Birmingham so different, and I guess a lot comes down to the height of the buildings - Birmingham has lots of tall buildings that make you feel quite enclosed, where as your smaller town goes 3 rather than 13 stories up.

In other news - offer of something interesting to do over New Year has landed in my mailbox. So, still October and I might end up with having sorted out Christmas dinner (at the fantastic Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham) and something to do over new year. Thus saving me from the peril of parents or TV specials...

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