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Mistakes of our time #27 - Watching Robin of Shewood - Series 3

Word can't express it, and I know I've gone over it before - but the people who hired Jason Connery, and scripted the final episode of the Series should be forced to mud-wrestle for eternity in chainmail.

Of course, he comes from a fine pedigree, but Jason is out acted by the scenery every time he appears on screen, and the ending when Bambi Marion dumps him for god is just dire. We've only just recovered from having not one, but two Hooded Planks on screen fighting each other when she dumps him - she emotes as best she can but he just stands there like he's auditioning for the John Smith's ad. Finally he gets back to Wickham with the bad news and makes the mistake of standing next to a horse that promptly out acts him during the emotional outpouring as he tells of his rejection; then he goes off to the lake and acts as if she's dead - shooting fiery arrows into the red filter above him while we're treated to flashbacks of their finest moments.

Really - just say no!

Carnival of Souls Part II soon. Last night was, erm, some goth bands in a grotty nightclub, and we were treated to the worst sound I've ever heard at an SBA gig. Shooting would be too good for the engineer - though it would make some sense that he'd set up the board for screechy processed metal...

Oh, and foxy76 will be astounded to learn that berrega managed to compliment ant_girl without then turning it around into a criticism. We both stood there agog waiting for the punchline but it never came. Surely the world will end soon.

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