Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Quite a pleasant gig - though I didn't stay quite to the end as I was getting a bit tired and my ears had taken a bit of a battering as I'd forgotten my earplugs. Quite a busy photo-pit but met a pleasant young man who runs a little zine, and found hopefully two writers for the BBC. There was of course a cock-up with the passes (it being Wolverhampton) but I got in eventually - unlike the Birmingham Academy House Photographer who was there and was also "not on the list".

One HIM pic for now

Huge mega picture update soon - and I must buy my camera another pressie as it's just scrolled past 10000 shots. Not bad for 6 months. Now I'd better sell some in order to pay for the replacement :-/

Oh, and jfs - any chance of Ilford crash on Friday? I keep meaning to catch you on IM and completely forgot about the thing called email...

Off to London soon, then back tonight, then repeat tomorrow. HIM confirmed at 10:30 am - I wonder when I'll hear about Scissor Sisters....
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