Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

I don't seem to have gotten around to having enough sleep recently. Firstly there were the three consecutive nights of gigs last week that seemed to involve:

Go to gig > Take 100-200 photos > Come home from gig > Download Photos > Go to sleep > Get up early > Get on train to London
Still there are some nice pics to be seen, and I've pretty much finished them. Just remember kids they'd be lovely for Christmas presents!

On Friday I conducted a precision operation to obtain more Tainted Love remixes - deeteeuk will be thrilled to hear I have enough for an enitre set now; then it was off to Ilford on the train. This was mostly uneventful, and I was sure I was on the right train but having people next to me talking about getting off in Ipswich left me slightly concerned until the bright-lights of Essex came into view.

Lovely to catch up with a proportion of the Ilford massive, then it was off to do my first product shoot for the most up-and-coming clothes designer in the scene. Results seemed mixed, but we'll know a lot more for next time and I do have a couple of decent "arty" takes on shots that'll I'll probably also post up later assuming jfs is happy with the international fame and fortune this exposure is likely to bring.

Then back to Birmingham (all the time wishing I had a "Wide Load" sign on my backpack) and out to SNFNGS. Nicely busy, heard some interesting news about opportunities-for-York-based-deathrock-bands to play in Birmingham (more news soon), and had a bit of a dance without moving my right foot. Finally off to a small par-tay until I got bored of being the sober one then back to Photoshop. I gave up at 4am, then started again at 9. I've only managed another 20-30 minutes sleep so apologies for grouchiness later.

Oh, and I didn't recognise nyarbaggytep and wig. This was most embarrassing and I'm tempted to investigate some of my own. Of course, being the run up to Whitby I am well prepared with 0 new clothes, and 0 progress on making the falls work better. As predicted really.

So - today's list is:

  • Find review for Scissor Sisters for BBC

  • Find review for SBA/GoL/SB for Alternative London

  • Package up photos for Alternative London

  • Do Scissor Sisters pics for BBC

  • Find HIM reviews for BBC

  • Get dressed

  • Do freelance work

  • Open OU box (having had a nice "motivational" letter from my tutor reminding me I've given up any claim on free time for the next year)

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