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Phew, back+1 and I think I can make enough sense to get things down on paper.

Whitby is a place that will probably always mean ~something~ to me; even if I actually ever remove this staple from my forehead, but rather than be somewhere I didn't want to be it was very much somewhere I did and for wholly positive reasons.

Enough of the cryptic crap - on with the post.

I've discovered that being borderline obsessive-compulsive over cameras has rather impacted on how I enjoy my nights out - instead of even being tempted by booze I instead huddle and elbow to the front of the stage and point things up passing noses. This is mostly a lot of fun however, and I could add as a postscript that despite getting a "Thanks but no thanks" from a picture agency today I might have actually sold some prints. Anyway back to North Yorkshire.

There are a lot of people who will write a lot more eloquently about the bands than me - but just to say there was nothing truly bad or truly brilliant- though I did enjoy ASF and Claytown Troupe most; and avoided TorsoHorse.

Anyhow, what was especially nice was, as I kept losing people I went knowing, I ended up getting to know some people I knew vaguely a lot better; and some new people entirely. I think I count three LJ-adds as a result which seems like a fair number.

I think I only had one explosive rant too - very well restrained, though it came close with the buffalo hunters and I did get a little irritated with both large off-camera flash units and general flash abuse - which was at the 80s Night. Now, I know that it's a bit cold and everything, but am I the only person in the scene who doesn't mind queueing rather than being a selfish cnut and "joining where a place has been saved" at the front. Moral compasses? Not here mate - we chucked them all in the sea.

I almost managed a famous-Whitby-party but found "Tea and Cheese" much more suited to my temperament (most un-Bumular); and watched a lot of Rolf-Harris-Animal-Rescue-Pet-Emergency-Hospital in the early hours. Went to the Abbey, went inside the Abbey, then left five minutes later to take more photographs of photographers photographing goths.

Did a tiny bit of exercise, but damnit the Great Goth Fun Run will be back in spring. Probably. If quondam does come then she can do a not-fun run of her own while the rest of us go at a slower pace.

Now, what am I going to do with these 359 photos that have made the first cut??

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