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Friday mostly involved trying to get my head around procurement strategy, so I really had no choice but to head out to Edwards with quondam and pax_draconis for a bit of a boogie. Highlights were being reminded how I could "clear a dance floor at 50 paces" and being faced with the reality of discrimation and small-mindedness of flower sellers who neglected to invite Ian or I to purchase a rose for the other.

Musically I must admit I was a little bored with VNVApopCovenantA23 so made up for this by including a fair amount of trad when I was in control on Saturday night at SNFNGS (see previous entry for setlist).

Saturday morning I forced myself up to head off to West Bromwich for the first tutorial from my OU course. This, despite being a mind-numbing 7 hours long was actually OK. The discussions were pretty interesting and yet again I realise that my experiences of being managed could be described as "fast and loose". The tutor is ex-USAF so mostly unflappable; but did have a disturbing way of saying "m'kay" giving me South Park flashbacks. Now, where am I going to find an extra day a week to do the work?

Saturday night was a lot of fun - despite a slow start (caused partly by Laibach) I thought we did ok - not the usual mix of music - and something for the older person. Most amusing request was, ten minutes before the end of the night "Do you have Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy" "Erm, no. Sorry." "You can't have a goth night without that." "Well I have played Something Fast and Lucretia" "Oh, I don't know those." sigh.

Sunday was mostly rather lazy, getting my head around photos and reviews from last week and doing a bit of php coding to fake log files on the new webspace I have that is cheap but does not provide logs. Much thanks to maleghast for help getting started. Finally over to visit dreamfire et al before dragging her off to see Nick Cave in Wolverhampton.

Gig was mostly brill - I don't know the stuff well enough, but Mr Cave cuts a fine figure on stage, and has superb control and delivery. Stuff for BBC later on, and I couldn't resist informing holaholaamigos and zevbofb3k of what they'd missed. The only downside was the rather draconian restrictions on shooting - despite being the only photographer there I only had two songs to shoot - which isn't a lot of time. I've not got many decent ones as a result - partly due to lack of time, and partly the effects of thinking I didn't have a lot of time and panicing!

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