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Lyrics, Interests and Terence Stamp

This could be worse - I was "thinking" again on the M40 this afternoon. However, rather than post a long and ultimately dull introspective rant about longings and belongings I offer this:

I'm not alone
You're not alone
You see me
You hear me
There are millions
Think just like me

As to Interests, the first part is to look at my matches, which include (from the first 25):

1. boglin 30.119
2. pauln 25.281
3. pax_draconis 22.387
5. grendelchild 21.742
8. lupercal 19.187
10. ephraim 16.378
11. sixtine 15.285
18. dreamfire 12.489
21. westernind 11.846
22. jfs 11.846

But there are loads of others I recognise. I think a lot of it comes down to the descriptors. I tended to read others then add in the same word if my attention was grabbed.

And then of course there are the interests I've left off deliberately in a pathetic attempt to keep some compartmentalisation.

Final point... listened, having not read the books. to Radio 4 does Dark Materials yesterday afternoon. Enjoyed. Will read books now (Books 2 and 3 on the radio over next two Saturday afternoons). Wonderful publicity photos, esp. of Terence Stamp, at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/hisdarkmaterials/characters.shtml.

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