Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Oh yes...

First an amusing observation... on the way into Oxford yesterday we drove (slowly) past a police car who had apprehended a pair of dangerous criminals - a couple of school kids on bicycles - one of whom was carrying at "To Let" sign. Young people today tsch.

If you're around in Birmingham next Tuesday and think I might enjoy your company please feel free to come along for a Chinese to celebrate the end of my youth and innocence. Leave a comment/let me know by email so I can book.

Finally in anticipation of how much you all love me I've done an amazon wishlist as Kneeshooter - click here. I considered a Jessops wishlist but I suspect none of you love me that much ;-)

I did think of spamming you all with Amazon's suggestes words - but realised I have some shame so I'd put it here instead...

Hello. Remember Wish Lists? As kids, we sweated bullets over filling our lists with the stuff our friends and family would never buy us... and the stuff we actually had some hope of receiving. Well, I was visiting the Amazon.co.uk site, and started my own Wish List. Check it out and then create one for yourself--if you haven't done it already!

Best Wishes
Sweet isn't it.

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