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Bank Error In Your Favour

My life is a Monopoly game...

Feeling brave I just checked my bank account online. Normally this is something that feels me with dread and despair as I am certainly one of those who can calculate their monthly expenditure by taking Income and adding 10%, but this morning I am mightly amused that $deity is playing games - and the bank have credited me with an additional £1800.

Although I have no doubt it will disappear I thought I'd have a look at ethical advice, and found this gem from the Jewish Ethicist:

However, in the vast majority of cases the ethical policy is to return overpayments. In all our financial dealings we should strive to project integrity. A business person has a right to every penny he earns, but shouldn't try to keep more than he earns. In the long run, he will probably not fool his business associates, and he will certainly not fool the Almighty Who provides for all His creatures and expects them to act in accordance with His will. For this reason, a prominent authority writes that businesspeople who cheat their customers risk financial ruin.
No fooling the almighty for me, I wonder how long it will stay there before it disappears...
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