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Working Weekend?

I had intentions to keep busy - and I did. Despite a few hiccups I've trimmed ~30MB from www.disturbing.org.uk and moved a load of content to www.reflecting.org.uk. To users it should be transparent - using automatic redirects, but the challenge - solved with the help of maleghast - was to "fake" weblogs as the space while cheap does not offer proper log file access.

In the mean time if you have problems or find broken links please let me know and I'll sort them.

Next stage is to change the site entirely - move the image archive to the reflecting site and add a database, then have a much cut down portfolio on the main site. I'm also messing about with photobox as an online printing solution so I expect you all to buy a 6"x4". Control your anticipation for now and I'll put more information soon.

Other than that I tidied the spare room some more, so now can see the carpet and ate an old Easter Egg I found on top of the cupboard. Each time I tidy the room I throw out a couple of boxes of stuff - so I'm hoping at some point I'll enter negative-space which is very exciting to look forward to.

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