Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Mmm, Curry.

My sleep patterns are a little messed up, but after dashing around this weekend I have:

  • Seen SBA, again. Not like a mad stalker or anything. After all, I'm not going to Bournemouth

  • Been called professional - sarcastically I can only assume

  • Had a kitten playfully attempt to burst my testicles by leaping on them while I was asleep

  • Been to Cambridge, for all of 3 or 4 minutes

  • Bought the Guardian like a good little left-winger

  • Slept in the afternoon

  • Dropped Beats, not Bombs. Though the techno was too slow, the hip-hop too techno and the drum and bass too busy

  • Lost a jumper

  • Been the straightest man in the room

  • Been told not to vote Tony Blair, though with no guidance on who I should vote for instead and ignoring the fact I vote for my local MP not his Tonyness

  • Written some web pages

  • Stolen some LJ user-icons

  • Photographed cleavage, or rather tried to encourage cleavage to come out and be photographed

  • Laughed

  • Eaten Ochre

  • Contemplated differences of life view

  • Drunk Gin

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