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Repeat after me "I will be more organised".

Except it's probably unlikely. Last night I was up until 3am after deciding to do a hellishly complicated comparison for my OU course. If I'd done something simpler I'd have had it done earlier this week, shall-we-say closer to expected deadline, and the extra work will probably be of little or no benefit.

I'm verging on doing too much. I've cut down on shooting gigs, but I still seem to fail to do anything productive. I have no space - which annoys me but equally I'm unable to create any as tidying is not an activity I comprehend.

And what am I doing now? Updating LJ. Damnit I need to be more determined with my timekeeping and less distractable. Still, I managed to turn ICQ and my mail client off last night during a final push so it's not all bad? Right?

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