Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I seem to have a large to-do list. In itself this isn't a problem, and I'm even a bit motivated. So I guess that's sharing rather than moaning for a change.

This weekend has been, on the whole, good. Friday I was too shattered to go out and party, so instead stayed up until the time I would have been up to messing about in Photoshop. Hmm. Then followed a longish sleep and then to the gym! Of course, I have now betrayed all my fellows by finally using my membership again after letting it slip for ~some time~. Last night it was off to SNFNGS for a domestic, then eventually to Edwards where I worked out my issues with a little bit of dancin' much to the horror of berrega and (I suspect) stelmaria_clg. Then, once I'd calmed down some camera-geeking with strangegothdude and off home in time for 1am.

Today I ~did~ Sainsburys, then back to remember it was the inaugural session ofScream of Kachoolu with pax_draconis, smittumi and mrcook. Surprisingly no-one died nor went insane, and I've only failed one SAN check so far. It seems that by being the only non-medical professional in the group I get to be driver, porter, ninja and indeed everything else we might need. Still, next session we will reach our first goal - a Thai restaurant in central Birmingham. Oh how life imitates art.

Tonight I have been archiving CDs to hard drive, building lego and wishing I had a photographic studio to play in. Hmmm. Oh, and developing an action plan for the disposal of 20 years of memories (plus some of quondam's old METAL t-shirts).

Look - no pics! Be impressed. I'll post them tomorrow morning unless laser_gun_girl makes any comments.

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