Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Norwich, and beyond

Matt described Norwich as something akin to a spa town - where one goes to rest and relax. I can kinda see that - there's an odd pace of life, and a very solid group of friends who also manage to be inviting. Into that we brought ~mathematics~.

Rather than risk seeing the results of that corruption I pootled off into London, passing through places that were just legends to me - such as Diss, Stowmarket and Shenfield; though when the train hit Ilford I felt rather more settled and I have vague memories of driving a white van around parts of Colchester. Interestingly that line is clearly where old Intercity trains go to die - I've not seen a carriage like that for many years.

After a dash across London I got to Dark Xmas. To me it looked unfairly badly attended - considering an interesting line-up, but at least there were people there I new - a quick wave to feanelwa, conversations with godgirl, minusbat and a couple of lovely people who apparently know gaius_octavian who I vaguely recognised from Rathaus. EDIT: Apparently this was steveandabigail.

So, in order to offend the maximum amount of people - potted reviews:
  • The Ghost of Lemora: Don't do a lot for me - though for some reason I keep seeing them...

  • Swarf: I liked. I wasn't set on fire but I was almost tempted to get a CD. I should investigate further.

  • Manuskript: I appreciate what they're doing, technically they're good - but a bit too ironic at times for my taste.

  • Inertia: Again, I'm not sure what I think. On paper I probably should like them, and there were definitely moments but I'm left unsure. I know, I should probably get a CD.

  • Leech Woman: Only had literally 5 minutes before I had to run for the train so I only caught the start. Noise, noise and noise. I certainly didn't hear any melody. Promising ;-) Not enough to get an opinion really, but for the brief time I was there I was glad to have earplugs.
Pics soon. I have taken too many, again.

Oh, anyone want a lift from Birmingham to NMA in Manchester (and back) on Thursday?
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