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The lounge is now the untidiest it has ever been. I have spent the last two hours (last 45 minutes with quondam) attemtping to recapture a most uncooperative gerbil who escaped some time this afternoon by chewing a hole through a SOLID PLASTIC WALL.

I am not happy. The sofa is propped up on a printer; the chinchillas are out of position, the armchair is on it's side cornering off part of the door.

However, as I calm down it is impressive to watch a gerbil run full pelt in one direction, leap into the air, turn 180-degrees then land running at full pelt.

A Bentley may be able to teach pax_draconis a lesson at the lights, but she could really move.

I blame the original parents for breeding troublemakers. The only consolation for how my back aches is the look on her little gerbily face when confronted with her latest prison.

After DoubleDarkAngel I sense I will be taking advantage of the carpet I can see and hoovering. What a life eh!

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