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My Weekend

After a fantastic Friday I wondered what the rest of the London-trip could involve.

Shooting in a proper studio was great fun - once I'd got over the initial "Maybe just a quick 10 minute introduction to all these pro lights I've never used before" it was just incredible. davefish and I worked very well covering different views, and rattled through about 850 shots over the time we had. s0b seemed to cope with his vision being interpreted, mister_ed and jfs proved most able models, feistyredhead kept us all going and provided stunt hands, while of course it was the work of ingenue_the that made the whole thing much easier with some great togs. No pics until the site is live, well, maybe a teaser or two shortly...

Then rush back to Birmingham for SNFNGS. Rushing appeared to be a plan without flaws until at Edwards after I realised I was wearing a very glowy, scruffy tradeshow freebie white t-shirt. Hmm, there goes my credibility. Music was mostly crap mind - though it was "Nine Inch Nails" night rather than the Friday "Rammstein" night and in compensation for some abominable cover of Head Like a Hole we got Terrible Lie which is beautiful.

Just been to see The Incredibles which is very very good. I also enjoyed the short before the main feature despite the potential credibily cost. Clever, witty, amusing and very slick. Go see it.

Toast in a minute, and apparently there has been an emergency cheese drop, then off to Human Leage to add some more photos to the backlog.

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